Additional Information

If you are successful in attaining an award you must complete the following by June 15 in order to obtain it:

  • Scholarship / Bursary Recipient Information Sheet (needed to process your award) Submit to the Career Center. These forms can be obtained at Scholarship Meetings or at the Career Center.
  • Thank you letter for each donor (show to Ms. Christensen before sending). Please see How to Write a Scholarship Thank You Letter (below).
  • All awards will be held confidential until the evening of the Scholarship/Awards night.
  • The deadline to collect an award is two years from the end of September in the school year an award is won, unless otherwise stipulated.


Any students who have received External Scholarships, Bursaries, or Awards, which are not listed on the SSS Scholarship website: please fill out the External Scholarship Winner Confirmation below and hand in to the Career Center. These awards will then be announced at the SSS Awards Evening.

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