What is the Upper Fraser Valley Regional Secondary School Apprenticeship Program?
It's a partnership between the Chilliwack, Agassiz-Harrison and Hope School Districts, the communities, employers, and the Ministry of Skills, Training and Labour. It's basically a way to learn a trade, beginning while you're still in secondary school. To qualify, you must be attending secondary school in any of the above districts, must be at least 15 years old and be interested in an apprenticeable trade.

How do I qualify as a Secondary School Apprentice?
1. Complete the Upper Fraser Valley Regional Apprenticeship Application form.
2. Meet with the Secondary School Apprenticeship Coordinator for processing.
3. Complete two weeks unpaid work experience in the trade of your choice.
4. Complete interview with the Apprenticeship Selection Committee and be selected as a secondary school apprentice.                                   

Students can only be placed into programs where there are employers willing to hire students.

How do I choose a trade?

Start with a review of all possible trades. Keep in mind that each trade offers advantages and disadvantages and puts specific demands on your physical and mental abilities. Compare your skills, interests and education in a realistic way to the demands and employment opportunities in those trades that appeal to you. Discuss your choice with your parents, secondary school counselor, others in the trade, and with your Secondary School Apprenticeship Coordinator.

Who qualifies for the program?
Students must be 15 or older and be attending a secondary school in the Upper Fraser Valley Region. Students must be enrolled in the proper English, Math, and Science courses and must be willing to graduate from secondary school. A student must display the interest and proper work attitudes. Prospective employers may require additional requirements.

If I am currently working in an apprenticeable trade, can I count my hours of work towards an apprenticeship?
If you are currently working in an apprenticeable trade, you can qualify upon completion of the Application Package and selection by the Selection Committee. All hours worked for this employer could be counted towards an apprenticeship.

If I am interested in a trade, how do I become a Secondary School Apprentice?
You must complete the application form, two weeks of work experience, and be selected by the Selection Committee. All attempts will be made to find suitable employment for all qualified candidates.

What are the requirements for completing a Secondary School Apprenticeship?
You must complete at least 480 hours of practical, work based training in one apprenticeable career area. Students MUST GRADUATE from secondary school for all hours to be considered credited towards his/her apprenticeship.

What benefits can I get from an Upper Fraser Valley Apprenticeship?
You can receive up to 16 credits for work based training. A student who receives a C+ average in grade 12 and works full-time five months after graduation or has 1100 hours reported to the Industry Training Authority can qualify for a $1000 scholarship. All hours worked can be counted towards your apprenticeship. On the apprenticeship program, you get paid minimum wage or greater.

How do I get more information on the Upper Fraser Valley Apprenticeship Program?
You can obtain information from your local school district's Secondary School Apprenticeship Coordinator, or Counselor.

Mr. Colin Mitchell at 604-798-0797 for further information