Internal Awards

Internal Awards – Due February 12, 2019

Winners are decided upon by a group of teachers, counsellors and administrators at the school level and announced at the Awards Ceremony in June.

Application Process:
  1. Look through the Internal Scholarships (below). Decide which awards you are eligible to apply for based on the individual requirements.
  2. Complete the Checklist Internal Scholarships (below), applying only for those Scholarship/Bursaries for which you meet the criteria.
  3. Complete the standard application using 2019 Standard Scholarship Application (below). It is a writeable form and you should save it to your own computer.  You can amend it many times as you like and save it after each amendment.  Eventually you will have a finished product ready to be submitted on the due date.
  4. Submit the following (single sided, paper clipped together – NO STAPLES)
  • Title page stating “Internal Scholarships” and first and last name and pupil number.
  • Checklist Internal Scholarships Bursaries  (see PDF below)
  • 2018 SD33 Scholarship Application Form (see PDF below) Complete ONLY ONE Scholarship Application Form, which includes a Career Statement and Scholarship Activities Resume
  • Student Reference Letters - 3 suggested, 2 minimum (keep the originals and submit photocopies)

Please note that a Budget and TVR or report card are NOT REQUIRED for Internal Scholarship Applications.

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