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We are pleased to offer our CSA program for the fourth consecutive year. We are excited to be able to offer our CSA program beginning June 10th, 2018. We anticipate being able to run 16 - 20 weeks this year, hopefully into November! Produce offered for our CSA program is grown at the SSS Farm on Richardson Avenue and SSS Greenhouse at Sardis Secondary.

What is a CSA?

VegesA CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program is a model of agriculture in which members pay up front for a share of the coming year’s harvest. Members receive a weekly box of produce throughout the growing season. The bins vary in size from the beginning of the season until the end because all bins will be filled with vegetables and herbs as they ripen. Therefore, the weekly cost is an average of all the seasons purchase. Funds from the CSA go into the Sardis Secondary School Farm program, helping the teachers and students to provide the members with seasonal food from the beginning of the season to the Thanksgiving weekend, as well as running the SSS Farm program. The benefit of being a member of a CSA is that you receive fresh, local and nutritious produce and gain an understanding of where your food comes from and how it is grown.

Commitment from the members:

Membership is a full season commitment. Members are responsible for picking up their weekly bin on time. If you can’t pick up your bin then you must arrange for someone else to get your bin that week. Members will be charged for each week of vegetables automatically. For the summer of 2016 all members will pay 50% up front and the remaining balance at the end. All payments are made at the office or online with your member code.

Portion Options

Large Portion:

Contains a larger selection of vegetables, as well as the largest quantity. This portion works well for medium-large families, vegetarian couples or people who do a lot of freezing and canning. Value of $30 per week. Approximate total $420, for 14 weeks of vegetables.  bins

Medium Portion:

Contains a medium selection of vegetables, as well as a medium quantity. This portion works well for small families or vegetable loving couples and will have items for doing some canning and freezing. Value of $20 per week. Approximate total $280, for 14 week of vegetables.

Small Portion:

This year, rather than offer a small portion, we are asking that those who wish for this option share a large portion with another member. If you would like a small portion, but don't have someone to share with, email and we will try to find a person that you can share with.

NOTE: If you don’t know which portion size you need, we suggest starting with a medium portion and upgrading to a large portion if needed.  

Swap Box

As we get into the growing season we are hoping to add a ‘swap box’. Each week we pack an extra CSA box to allow members to swap out an item from their box for an item in the swap box, as we know not everyone is a fan of every vegetable we grow. The rule is a vegetable for a vegetable, for example, that means all 3 of your field cukes for an extra bag of beans. 

Payment Options

2018 – Members will pay 75% by May 1, 2018 to secure their position in the garden vegetable shares. This can be done at the Sardis Secondary School Office in person or by phone. If you have not paid by this date, we cannot ensure that you will retain your membership. Initial payment is based on 14 weeks of production. Remaining balance is based on the length of the CSA season.  

Customer responsibilities

As a CSA member, you are responsible for:Turnip

  • Picking up your portion at the designated time and place
  • Returning your box and lid each week, clean. Usually a quick wipe with a cloth is sufficient
  • Arrangement for bin pick-up while on holidays.
  • Paying on time.
Our Responsibilities
  • Having the portions ready at the time and location agreed upon at signup.
  • Dealing with issues & concerns in a timely manner.
  • Providing members with fresh, quality produce.

Since farming involves many weather related risks, consistent quantities of harvest cannot always be guaranteed. While we strive to provide full portions every week, there is the possibility of unforeseen weather related issues causing us not to be able to fulfill our weekly portions. This is part of the risk customers take in being part of a CSA garden, although since we grow such a large array of vegetables we do not predict we will be unable to provide members their portions.

Vacation Policy

We understand that you may not be able to pick up your share some weeks. If you are on vacation or are unable to pick up your portion, you must arrange for a friend or family member to pick it up for you. If the portion is not picked up it will be donated to charity.

Refund and Cancelation Policy

Once the season has begun we cannot provide refunds for a member’s portion unless there is someone on the waitlist who is willing to take it over.


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