The Sardis Secondary School Farm (SSSF) is the latest addition to the Sardis Agriculture Program. The farm is designed to work as a place-based educational learning tool for the sustainable growing of some of BC’s GDP. It is a way of connecting the students to food and the community.Logo

Community Supported Agriculture

2015 was the first year of our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Sardis Agriculture fed 20 families over a 14 week period with vegetables grown in our Sardis Greenhouse and the SSSF.

In the summers of 2016 - 2018, Sardis Agriculture partnered with SD33 Summer Learning to allow students to gain 4 credits by working on the SSSF. In 2018, over 70 students took part in the program! The course was called Sustainable Vegetable Production. These students helped us expand the CSA program to 40 families that we provided food for throughout the summer.

In Summer 2018 we look forward to maintaining that level of production and extending the growing season into the fall.


Community Partners

The SSSF has many sponsors that make a program like this work. We have our CSA members, our Community Sponsors, Financial Sponsors and volunteers. Please take time to view our sponsors page to see the many contributors to our project.

If you would like to be a sponsor of the SSSF please contact or

School Community Garden

In 2016 the SSSF created in collaboration with other School District 33 school the School Community Garden (SCG) – Plots for Learning; A Place to Grow. We are excited to have all of the new members of the program and look forward to working with you and your students as we educate through growing.

University of the Fraser Valley Partnership

Sardis Agriculture has been partnering for over 10 years with UFV Agriculture. This partnership has included many opportunities for students such as field trips to UFV, guest speaker presentations, grafting and tissue culture lessons, dual credit courses and more. In 2018, a berry plot was donated by professor Tom Baumann. 


Sponsor Page

CSA Program

Courses offered by the SSS Ag Program




The SSS Farm is located at 7175 Richardson Ave, Chilliwack