Adult Business Certificate of Technology Program

Provides adult learners the opportunity to earn a Grade 12 Adult Dogwood Diploma through self-paced evening classes twice a week. Enrollment is reserved for full-time students who can attend in person on Monday and Tuesday evenings. Intake is continuous throughout the school year based on availability of seats. The courses cannot be completed entirely online, however enrolled students may be able to do portions of some courses online to supplement class work. Full time adult students take five courses and could receive both the Adult Dogwood Certificate and an Adult Business Certificate of Technology.

For more information, please contact Darren Watt at or visit:

Program Structure

Math and English course credits:

  • Accounting 11 Math Credit
  • English 12 Focus on business

Any three of the following course credits:

  • Business Information Management  12 Microsoft Word/PowerPoint
  • Data Management 12 Microsoft Excel/Access
  • Accounting 12 Sage Simply Accounting Software (Receivables/Payables/Payroll/Inventory)
  • Marketing 12 Retail and Global Marketing and e-commerce

Delivery of Courses:

  • Room B-208 at Sardis Secondary
  • Monday and Tuesday: 3:00-8:30 during school year (September to June) students may finish early
  • Classroom: self-paced work with teacher assistance and supportive peer group
  • Online: "optional" students may work ahead to graduate early. Teacher assistance available during the week through email, text, phone and TeamViewer software.


  • No tuition costs for students 18 years or older who have NOT graduated high school. 
  • For students who have already graduated high school and are not eligeable for provincial funding, tuition is $600 per course.


Phone: Sardis Secondary 604.858.9424 

Application and Program Course Outlines:

Click below to open and print out the application form in pdf format, or to view the course outlines.