There are two different programs in the SR 11/12 course: the Spring Program, centered around the Plant sale in May; and the Summer/Fall Logo Program in which the class tends and harvests vegetables like cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes. The greenhouse is equipped with an irrigation system that doubles as a fertilizer for the plants, called Fertigation. In the barn next to the greenhouse chickens have been raised several times, as well as ducks and turkeys. The barn also doubles as a storage facility. 

Every spring many varieties of flowers are cultivated by SR 11/12 students, including pansies, geraniums and many other varieties of decorative plants. But the green and the growing is not limited to the set curriculum. As much as the students can think of it, that's the extent of the potential of this course. Raising chickens is one example of this. The pond is a project that testifies to the ingeniousness of many past students. From a hole in the ground has come a  natural oasis for all to enjoy.