Parents are an integral part of the post-secondary planning process.


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What You Need to Know About Scholarships with Janet MacDonald of
My Blueprint recently hosted an online event with Education Consultant Janet McDonald of mycampusGPS.
This one hour webinar can be viewed on the My Blueprint YouTube channel at

Janet has provided the following resource to schools at no cost:
Grade 11 Success Formula


Watch for the Parents as Education and Career Coaches presentation in the fall. Parents as Education and Career Coaches has provided us with the following parent resources for career planning and exploration:

            Activity 1 Career Bubbles
            Activity 2 What kind of people do I like to be around
            Activity 3 Career Clusters Interest Survey
            Activity 4 Sample Budget and Budget Planning PECC
            Activity 5 Pride Stories
            Activity 6 Values and Interests

Download a copy of the WorkBC Parent Guide here.

This can be accessed in other languages here:


Explore the Parent section of the Education Planner BC website here and subscribe to their Parent’s E-Newsletter!


Visit the For Parents section of the Post-Secondary BC Website and download the PSBC Parent Guide here.




The following links from our Post-Secondary Resources page will also assist you in exploring careers and post-secondary options:

Quizzes based on abilities, work preferences and performance school subject areas.

Experience 147 careers in through video presentations from work sites across BC!

            Explore 500+ careers by name, education level and salary, or category

Explore institutions and programs in BC – search by regions, subject areas, program length and


            Explore virtual fairs and post-secondary programs in BC.

            Learn more about trades and apprenticeship here.

            Explore trades programs in BC here.